V Exclusive Resort, Bulacan


  Direction #1

     NEW ROAD IS NOW OPEN!!!! Heres the direction ;-)

1.  G0 t0 NLEX

2. Exit to BALAGTAS #34 

3. Go straight and Follow Amana water Park Signage

4. Turn right when you see "To Pandi" sign

5. Go straight until you see "V EXCLUSIVE RESORT" signage on the Left side




        OR you could still follow the old direction below        



Direction #2

Pls take note of the NUMBER on the map and refer it to the image below to familiarize the place, this will help you in getting to our resort.. 

# 1- From NLEX...Take BOCAUE EXIT #27

# 3 - You will pass through "WELCOME STA. MARIA"

 # 5- Then you will see ' WALTER MART' at the right side, in the next block nearby.. TURN LEFT (Ultimate "STOP OVER" for your forgotten goodies)

# 7 - Go straight and you will pass through " BARANGAY STA. CRUZ" 

# 9 -  then will see the sign "WELCOME TO PANDI"

You will pass through "PANDI CHURCH"... Then you will see this "NO LEFT TURNSIGN" turning left will lead you to PANDI Market ....So go STRAIGHT then Turn LEFT on E.Rodriguez street ( on the 1st block)

 As you can see, AMANA ENTRANCE is not along the road, you need to turn left to get in the resort proper... SO you must go straight further...

 From the Barangay Office, go straight.... then you will see on the left side the "DISENYO PANDI" store.....now were nearly there...

                  COMMUTERS INSTRUCTION 

   By Bus From Manila 

( Thru Jose Abad Santos Ave. ):

  • From Divisoria Terminal take Aguila Transit and alight to Waltermart, Sta Clara, Sta Maria.
  • From Waltermart take tricycle going to Bagong barrio, Pandi
  • Along the road, you will see V resort tarpouline.. Turn right.
 By Bus from Ayala/Baclaran ( Thru EDSA):
  •  From Baclaran Terminal take Del Carmen/ Corinthian/    Bovjen Bus and alight to Waltermart.
  • From Waltermart take tricycle going to Bagong Barrio, Pandi
  • Along the road, you will see V resort tarpouline.. Turn right
              By Taxi:
  • Take Bocaue exit
  • Take Sta Maria - Pandi –Angat National Road
  • Follow Amana water park Banners with arrow sign along National rd.
  • Once your on the road side of AMANA WATER PARK, go straight  further.(2 minutes left)
  • Turn left on Bagong Barrio Baranngay office.. straight ahead, look for
  •  V Exclusive Resort tarpoline, TURN RIGHT


 # 2 - Turn Left on PTT Gas Station going to Sta Maria.

# 4 - and through 'WELCOME BRGY STA CLARA" 

# 6 - After you turn left to Walter Mart, you will see this PANDI sign. On the first block,, turn RIGHT.. then you will see the "WIN GAS STATION"..



# 11 - Then you will see this "AMANA WATER PARK" sign. TURN RIGHT.. this time follow the AMANA Tarpouline..

From Amana, Go straight until you reach the "Bagong Barrio Barangay office" then turn LEFT (this pic was NOT taken on the actual road side)

Then you will see V EXCLUSIVE RESORT SIGNAGE ;-)))